Member spotlight | Robin Merideth

By Allyson Smith

Giving back to a community that has given so much to her is a major focus in the life of Robin Merideth. 

She grew up in Mogadore, but  has lived in Akron for 25 years. Now she lives in Ellet with her husband and children. Robin has been an active member of Wedgewood United Methodist Church since she was born. The church was also where she met her husband, Doug, and got married.

“We didn’t want a huge to-do, we had both had that, and the pastor at the time said, ‘hey, why don’t we do it on Sunday morning?’ and I’m like, ‘let’s do it!’ so we have the reigning number for most people on a Sunday morning,” she says.

One of Robin’s many passions is engaging with Akron’s international community and students. As a community representative for Ayusa, a cultural exchange organization, this includes hosting foreign exchange students. 

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She wants to help neighborhoods like North Hill “prosper and make it friendly for outsiders who are coming into the area.”

Robin says she was reluctant to move from Mogadore into the city of Akron until she recognized the opportunities for her kids at Akron Public Schools. 

“The opportunity for my oldest daughter to go to all-day kindergarten was wonderful. It helped me out with my work schedule and she benefited socially just from being around other kids all day. So that was kind of the stepping point, I think, for our love of Akron and Ellet,” she explains.

Robin has a long list of organizations she volunteers with. From working as a girl scout troop leader when her daughters were young to volunteering with Ellet High School’s music program. She is also looking for ways to be more involved with organizations that support the LGBTQ+ community. 

“I think that really is a driving force for Doug and I to feel that we want to be able to give back to that and be able to enrich those kids and give them the same opportunities or better than we had,” she says.